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Description of the DELTA Ltd. – Research and Development Laboratory – Manufacturing Process Acrylic dispersions loaded – Composite Molding Process

1.Laboratorio Research and Development
The chemical laboratory of the Delta Srl is one of the hubs of innovation in the field of composite materials and has a mission aimed particularly so in search of new materials. Mainly business is the research, formulation of chemical characterization of materials and products, Process Control. The research activity is oriented towards the production of new products, new processes, the study of catalysts and activators, pigments and effects of new innovative products and surfaces. The results of recent studies concerning the characteristic of easy offense surfaces imparted to acrylic composite of new functions (easy to clean materials), and surfaces that release substances such as antibacterial silver ions of particular interest to photocatalytic innovative sinks and sanitary products. These results have been protected by several Italian and European patents that are making extended throughout Europe, the USA, Japan and the Russian Federation. The activity of the chemical formulation has a twofold objective the development of new filler dispersion with chemical and physical characteristics that give aesthetic and innovative study of new aesthetic effects mainly due to new pigments and functionalization. The characterization of materials and products has as its purpose the determination of their chemical-physical properties, such as elastic moduli, resilience Charpy impact instantaneous rise and fall of the dart, the Rockwell hardness, the surface tension with the apparatus Kruss, device Modern, currently the only one of the few in the Marche and in Italy. The Quality control is carried out on raw materials used to study the particle size the chromatic coordinates (spettrofotocolorimetro), viscosity (Brookfield digital), the moisture content and ash. All tests are performed according to current European regulations. The laboratory collaborates with the Italian Research centers such as University of Camerino, University of Ancona and the University of Brescia.

2. Production Process Acrylic dispersions loaded
The preparation of acrylic dispersion for obtaining tubs, sinks, wash basins and vanity tops in composite materials through a production process which is divided into different phases. The preparation of the material is made by processing raw materials for the production of intermediate products (neutral losses). Operated by mixing different concentrations of a methacrylic resin, quartz, silica and aluminum trihydrate using mills and reactors. Are subsequently added mineral fillers of particular value and hardness, and ends with the coloring of the dispersions which is carried out with the addition of pigments.

3. Composite Molding Process
The process of molding of composites is a delicate process and of extreme importance. It makes the fabric physical and mechanical chemical essential to the creation of a durable structure. The correct molding determines an optimal network structure of the building, control of sedimentation of the charge, and gives the appearance and structural to the printed product.