Lecture ABOUT GREEN SINKS – LIFE 12 ENV/IT/000736 for the students of Università Politecnica delle Marche Ancona 14th April 2015

Eng. Andrea Luzi has shown the project “GREEN SINKS” in Italian language (view Power point attached).

Picture. 1 Lecture of Eng. Andrea Luzi about GREEN SINKS PROJECT

In this seminar, the project and the study conducted on LCA analysis has been shown, with the aim to explain the
environmental problem targeted in this EU project and the achievable benefits related to the production of a kitchen sink entirely
made of recycled materials. The comparative analysis between as-is condition and the to-be condition has been presented to the students,
aiming at explaining the results of the analysis and the use of the software used to realise it.

The lesson has been structured as follows:
1. Presentation of the green sinks project (problems and objectives to be achieved)
2. Evaluation of the environmental impact: LCA analysis
3. Presentation of the LCA phases within the project (goal and scope, LCI, LCIA, interpretation and recommendations)
4. Presentation of the results achieved through thanks to the LCA software used for the analysis

Students and PhD candidates were about 20.
They have demonstrated a lot of interest through direct questions at the end of the presentation,
first of all for the issues related to the Life Cycle inventory realised along the project development,
secondly to the Life Cycle Impact Assessment done, highlighting the use of impact categories, such as
Global Warming Potential and Cumulative Energy Demand.


Picture 2. Life Cycle Inventory explanation


Picture 3. Life Cycle Analysis conducted during the project